Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Decorating Pumpkins

So this year we decided to decorate our pumpkins rather then carve them. Not sure what made me think of doing that (time I guess), but we won't be doing it again as it just didn't feel like Halloween. Colin certainly enjoyed himself, but again, it wasn't the best idea.

We did have a fun dinner as I cooked a meal inside a pumpkin and Colin got a real kick out of it. He thought it was so "cool" that he ate his entire dinner.

Colin getting ready to decorate his pumpkin.

He loved using the permanent markers.

The masterpiece is almost complete.

Stopping to show off his true colors.

Daddy gets into the fun.

Daddy's pumpkin!

Colin's Pumpkin!

Mom's Pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

So we went to the local Pumpkin Patch Farm on Sunday. I have to say I was a little disappointed in old Joe's Farm. The field looked old and the pumpkins well let's just say we didn't find much. As you can see we didn't find much. (Click on Pumpkin Patch 2007)

Halloween Party Weekend

Some of you know that I have been part of a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) Group for little over a year now and even though I work full time, they have been so sweet to let me join. Well this year we had a Halloween party for the kids and it was so much fun. We rented out the local community college and there was Pumpkin Decorating, a Tattoo parlor, Spider Weaving (which I couldn't figure out), and making Bat Puppets. Colin dressed up as Spider Man and Kennedy was a Flower Fairy. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Sick Bug

Well, last week our little Col had some type of bug. I had to pick him up on Wednesday as he had a temperature of 103. By the time I picked him up and got him home it was 105 degrees. I immediately gave him Tylenol and put some cool compresses on him. He didn't break his fever until late Saturday night, but then ended up with a horrible cough. We kept him out of school for 4 days which was a little bit longer then I would have liked, but he needed to stay home and get well. Luckily that Thursday and Friday I already had off, so it worked out pretty good.

Colin's November Classroom Newletter

For many of you, you may not be aware but Colin has started school at the local Montessori school, Camas Montessori. I went to Montessori when I was little and really believe strongly that they have a great philsophy on teaching and I just knew that Colin would love it. We started in September of this year and he has truly enjoyed every day.

We are still learning the ropes, especially Mom. I have to make his lunch every day which is different since the past daycare center provided lunches. I also have to sign him in and out and for the life of me, I can never seem to locate his name on the form. Colin is also learning that he doesn't get his way all the time, and finds himself sitting in the "chair". I know that he is learning quickly that he doesn't like the "chair", so I am hoping to hear from the teacher this month that things are going well.

Colin has met many new friends at school, Hayden which just turned 5 and Evan who I believe is 4.

We receive a newsletter each month from the teacher explaining some of the activities that the entire classroom has done as well as a little comment on each child. Here is a little portion of that.

Happy October!
It’s been a beautiful fall month. Our classroom has a wonderful view of some bright colorful trees. We carved our pumpkin on the 26th. We will celebrate with a party on Halloween day. The children have been doing some special crafts and they’ve also made masks.
I enjoyed the parent teacher conferences. It is wonderful to spend time with parents and get to know you. It helps me gain more insight about each child.
Colin enjoys tracing letters and stringing. He also enjoys working with the magnets.
Hayden has almost mastered the tying frame! He is also working on his letter sounds and he has now started pin-pricking the Europe map.
Evan has been working on writing his name. He’s also been working on the parts of books.

I've done it!

Well, I have finally got up the family web page. This will allow me to share all the family news with everyone and keep you all up to date without sending hundreds of emails. So let the updating begin...