Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Colin's Class Room Newsletter - December

Hello from the Butterfly room,

Thanks for all the food donations and for attending our Thanksgiving luncheon
The children were so proud and excited to have their parents come and be their guests.

We celebrated two Birthdays this month. Kate Stallbaumer turned 3 years old on the 14th and Colin Hollister turned 4 years old on the 18th.
Happy Birthday to both of you!!!

Our classroom is very busy. The children spent a lot of time making placemats and crafts for our luncheon. We also made the jello one morning.

Now we will begin preparing for Christmas. Our class will do a small gift exchange between the children. We will have the children draw names. We will send home a paper with the name and age of the child your child drew along with some interests and ideas. The limit is $10.00. We will have a Christmas party on Dec 19th. Please send in the gift by Monday Dec., 17th.

The children have been working on a variety of activities.
Colin had lessons on the spindle boxes. He enjoys our letter tracing sheets and the puzzle maps.

Cavity Free Club - Again!

Today we went to the dentist for the second time and again, we got to put up our picture on the Cavity Free wall. It appears Colin has Mom's teeth. :-)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Colin turning the big 0-4!

Saturday was Colin's 4th birthday party (even thought he actually turned 4 on Sunday, the 18th). We decided to go with a Disney Cars theme and of course I had a lot of fun creating a fun time for Colin and his friends. Colin invited many of his new friends from School and of course we had some old friends come as well.
The Table Decorations (I made fries, mini hamburgers, popcorn and nachos all food that you see at the race tracks)

Ramone's Tattoo Shop (Where the kids got temporary tattoo's)

Cookie decorating station (Everyone got to decorate a car shaped cookie)

The Cake (I was very proud of myself as this was my first time decorating)

Playing Guido's Tire Toss Game

Having some Birthday fun!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Celebrating Colin's Birthday at School

Friday Colin celebrated his 4th birthday at school. We brought cupcakes (had to bring store bought ones) to share with everyone. Colin was given a crown for his special day and I got to come to school with him for the first part of the Morning.

In Colin's classroom when it is your birthday you get to have your Mom and/or Dad come for the first part of the morning and celebrate with you. We bring a picture for each year of Colin's life which we get to share during the birthday celebration. During the celebration Colin got to pick a friend that would sit in the middle and hold the candle which represents the son. Then Colin holds the world and while the class sings a song about the earth going around the son (which makes one year) Colin walks around the circle. He does this 4 times since he is 4 years old.

This was taken with my small camera so it didn't turn out as well as with a real video camera.

Then it was time to pass out cupcakes. Colin got the honors of passing out napkins to all of his friends. He even was able to pick some friends to eat his cupcake with. He was very happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November Calendar

Well it is going to be a busy month for the Hollister's.
Saturday (Nov. 3rd) was very busy as we sold the Yukon in the morning, A friend of mine and I hosted a baby shower and then later that afternoon I attended a Surprise 30th Birthday party for a friend of mine. Here are some pictures of the baby shower pictures. Not sure it was my best work, but my friend loved it. The theme was Sugar & Spice (since she is having a girl).

Table Decorations and Food
Carrot Cake (to play off the spice theme)

Candy Favors and Candy Bar Bouquet

Sunday we decided to head down to Toyota Gresham to take a look at a car that was in their ad and after an hour and a half we were driving away with it. It was the best experience we have ever had. We test drove, discussed pricing and signed all the needed paper work within that time frame. We will be back and if you decided to go there tell them Chad and I sent you. You are probably wondering, what did we get this time, well we went for the Toyota Sienna, so the minivan once again. Actually I really enjoy it this time. It has almost everything the Yukon did except for a sun/moon roof, backup camera and Navigation. I am very happy with it.

Sitting Pretty

Kennedy is now 7 months and is almost sitting on her own. She is getting stronger everyday. Here she is playing with her blocks.

Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere!

Here is our little Colin covered in bubbles. He got some new Spiderman bubbles and just had to have a bath. As you can see the bubbles took over.

Enjoying the bubbles

Being a scary monster...