Sunday, November 18, 2007

Celebrating Colin's Birthday at School

Friday Colin celebrated his 4th birthday at school. We brought cupcakes (had to bring store bought ones) to share with everyone. Colin was given a crown for his special day and I got to come to school with him for the first part of the Morning.

In Colin's classroom when it is your birthday you get to have your Mom and/or Dad come for the first part of the morning and celebrate with you. We bring a picture for each year of Colin's life which we get to share during the birthday celebration. During the celebration Colin got to pick a friend that would sit in the middle and hold the candle which represents the son. Then Colin holds the world and while the class sings a song about the earth going around the son (which makes one year) Colin walks around the circle. He does this 4 times since he is 4 years old.

This was taken with my small camera so it didn't turn out as well as with a real video camera.

Then it was time to pass out cupcakes. Colin got the honors of passing out napkins to all of his friends. He even was able to pick some friends to eat his cupcake with. He was very happy.