Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our little photographer

So Colin asked to use the camera tonight and so I gave him our older Kodak to use. I showed him how to use it and allowed him to go around the house while I stayed in the computer room. When he came back we downloaded the pictures. I was pretty impressed with what he had captured on camera. I loved his point of view and here are some of those photos. Enjoy!
Photo of Colin!
Kennedy's Dinner!
Self Portrait!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Easter Bunny came late...

Well we found these little Bunnies hoping through the house and just knew that we had to capture the moment.

Our littlest Bunny
"Get this off of me"...
"I want to wear it too!"

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Camas Fire Department Open House

Today, April 5th, I (Chad stayed home to work on the truck) took Colin and Kennedy to the local fire house for their open house. They had a little bit of everything for the entire family. They had local businesses their with booths giving away free stuff about safety, I even got 3 reams of Georgia Pacific Copy Paper for the printer. Clowns were there for the kids (which Colin was not a fan of). Plus they had demonstrations of their K9 unit. Colin's favorite was getting the Fire Badge Tattoo and using the hose to put out the "fire", the ladder truck and eating his hot dog. It was a great morning.

His Fire Badge Tattoo
The Ladder Truck
The back of the ladder truck
Taking Aim...
getting the fire out.

There even was a train engineer their talking about safety of trains. Colin on the way says, "Mom, how am I going to be a train conductor and a fireman when I grow up?" Pretty much, I told him that he could do one in the morning and then in the afternoon do the other. :-)