Friday, June 27, 2008

Reversible Purse

Well I finally made the reversible purse that was seen on Martha. It was so easy, until the very end when I had to turn in the sides of each of the handles 1/4" and sew a seam. For some reason I couldn't get the darn things to turn in. Anyway, I finally got it done and like the outcome, but there has to be an easier way of doing the final part. I was planning on giving it to a friend for her birthday, but I'm not sure I give the "Kellie, seal of approval" for the stitching. We will see. I will certainly make more.

And a Star is Born...

...well almost. We went to our first Soccer practice last night for Colin. He immediately came home after school and started putting on his soccer gear. Of course, I had to explain that he had a couple hours before we were to leave. He is playing for the Vancouver Parks and Recs team for 4 1/2 - 5 year olds. The kids got to pick the name last night for the team and guess what the name I suggested won. So we are now the Yellowjackets (shirt color is yellow, so hence the name). Our first game is Tuesday (July 8th) at 5:40pm at Fisher Basin Park.

Getting Ready

Passing the ball

Here we go...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hood River, OR

For a little Anniversary surprise, I scheduled some time away from the kids and took Chad to near by Hood River, OR. This small little town was just what we needed. My parents took care of the kids, or was that the other around? Allowing Chad and I to have some fun out on our own. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Hood River and on the way home stopped by the 2nd largest year round waterfall in the nation, Multnomah Falls. We decided that we were to climb to the top of the falls and enjoy the view. Well the climb itself was a sure surprise to me! I think I about passed out, but I did make it. Honestly I think the marker of just 1.0 miles up to the top was wrong as it felt more like it was 10.0 miles and straight up. We certainly enjoyed our little trip, thanks again Mom and Papa!

The Falls

The very top of the Falls

Watch out...

Yes, that is me all red faced, but I made it to the top.

The Happy couple!