Monday, May 19, 2008

Dozer Day 2008!

Saturday, May 17th was Dozer Day. This is wear kids get to drive a bulldozer, excavator or tractor. This year Chad wasn't able to join us, so it was just myself with the two kids. The 95 degree weather was a little bit more then I could take, but overall it was a great day.

This is what we rode to get to the top of the hill for Dozer day!
Colin loved every moment.
He was so excited he was skipping.
Climbing the small excavator
Look at the dirt on his face... Just a wee bit hot (see sweat)
What we waited in line for. He was concentrating so hard that he didn't even smile.
Digging in the big sand pile, just like at Grandpa and Grandma's

Running through the tunnels
One final picture before we had to leave.
A few scratches, but all was well.
Kennedy was so happy to finally be in an air conditioned car.