Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's already December 17th....

So it appears that I have missed a lot going on in December. Firsts things first I forgot to post a picture of an apron that I made for my friends birthday, which was in November. This apron is called a Twirl apron and I really fell in love with the fabric colors and the pattern.

Alright, next in line was the news about Colin's first official black eye. He got a good switch in the face by a tree branch while playing in the woods when Mom and Dad said not too. There is always a reason why you should listen to Mom & Dad. His black eye lastest for about 2 weeks. It was pretty knarly, which these photos don't do justice.

Let's see we had to redo Colin's 5th birthday party since he got sick on his actualy party date in November. I think I took the news worse then he did. One thing is that I wasn't really ready this year. I spent way to much time thinking about his invitation and then when that didn't work out I spent even longer trying to figure another option. Either way we ended up having his party the first weekend in December and he loved it.

First lego man that you saw when entering the house
Another lego guy in the family room

Little chocolate lego men for the kids.

2nd and final invitation for his party.

First attempt. This was made using the Lego Digitizer program.

Then of course I had to create a redo party invite, which I came up with this one.