Friday, August 13, 2010

Apron Ideas

So I think I may have found the fabric for my Apron for the Back to the Future Apron Swap. I'm excited as my selected partner wants a 50's style full bib apron. Looking at her blog I can see that she herself has a hip 50's style, just laid back and really cool looking, so with that I fell upon this new line called Metro Cafe from Robert Kaufman. I LOVE IT!!! I really have fallen in love with the Mixers in Creme, but since her favorite color is Red and this apron is for her, I guess I better go with the Red, or maybe I'll go with the creme and do Red Polka Dots as she says she also loves Polka Dots...Hmmm, the decisions.

Toasters in Creme

Blenders in Red

Mixers in Red

Mixers in Creme


Tulsi said...

These are SO COOL!!

edyB said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on that fabric! I have a red mixer, blender, etc. Love red stuff!

Anonymous said...

Fun patterns!!!