Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Time

Well, Saturday, December 22nd we all went up to Erin's house for a Family Christmas party. We enjoyed so much wonderful food and the company was equally as wonderful. The kids played so well together and so did the adults. :-) Erin and Mark were the best hosts, they had the hot tub already, which in Colin's word "We need to get one of these big tubs". Then Erin even put together individual S'mores bags, just perfect for the campfire. Unfortunately the rain kind of sizzled the fire, but the microwave became the "temp" campfire for the kids. Seth brought up his Wii, which we ended up playing that into the night as it was so much fun. Even Colin had a blast at it.

Jane, Rorie, Kim (Rorie's Girlfriend)

Kiera (Ian's little one) being silly

I gotcha Rhiena (Ian's littlest)

Kiera and Colin playing house

Chad, Ian, Rhiena and Shalon

Lynsey, Erin and Brandon (Erin's Stepson)

Chad playing bowling on the Wii
Colin winding up...

and makes the strike.

This is what we see on the Wii.

Erin's beautiful tree.