Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Perfect Tree

Sunday we went out to our favorite tree farm in Boring, OR to get the family tree. We were so excited as it started to snow right when we got to the tree farm. Of course while we tried our hardest to get Colin to wear a coat he just wouldn't. Luckily we had a pullover on him to keep him some what warm.

We started at the back of the farm like we normally do as we find the best trees there. There are just acres of nobles for around $4 a foot. Colin spotted a tree and it was perfect, the trunk was straight as an arrow and almost 8 feet tall, so we grabbed it as we just knew that we would never be able to find it again if we left it behind. It took us all around 30 mins to get the tree.

Looking for the perfect tree.

Found it!

The very proud Colin and Daddy.

Trying to get a family picture.

Making sure Daddy cuts the tree down right.

Carrying out the tree.

Cutting down trees is hard work.

The tree up and decorated